Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Don't Think Betty Ford Can Help Us

My cousin Colleen recently blogged about her son's......appreciation...for Tylenol in this entry. I'm so relieved to find that my Aunt, the retired nurse, believes that children should get Tylenol on "General Principle". I've subscribed to this school of thought since Sabrina was born.

We have our own dirty little Tylenol addiction around here. Sabrina, AKA The Sleepless Wonder, was the original 'Nol addict.

Put yourself in my shoes. Very little sleeping was going on, and we knew teething was happening (she started popping those little suckers at 3 months). And you just never know when a cold might be coming on. And what if something hurts and she can't tell us? Maybe that fall on her well-padded butt did sting a bit. And surely when she banged her noggin into the table for the umpteenth time it must leave her with a bit of a headache. And hey, maybe Tylenol can PREVENT fevers.

Well I personally wasn't taking any chances that a little discomfort would keep her awake just in case she was inclined to sleep.

But we knew it was time to enroll her in a 12 step program when she was 2 years old and before bed one night she said in her most dramatic breathy can-barely-stand-it voice, "Mama I think I feel a little fever coming on. I think I might need a little Tylenol."

She has been in recovery ever since but just the other day as I changed Meredith's diaper and commented her little bit of diaper rash looked a little sore, she perked up and smiled at me and chirped "Ty-nol!"

They do say these things run in families don't they?


Colleen said...

Well, i'm relieved that Bobby comes by his addiction naturally--I guess some of my guilt can be relieved by the fact that his cousin's are addicted to, so it must run in the genes!

Norkio said...

Does this mean we are related?

Kim said...

To this day, I cannot get my 7 year old to take any medicine, even Tylenol...meanwhile, the 17 month old is addicted, and I have to keep it out of her sight or she goes nuts! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a Tylenol addict :)

Boo said...

I live by the same principle MB, so no need to worry. It's actually a HUGE part of Jaxon's bed time routine. Daddy give's him his daily dose while Mummy does the nappy. If we should happen to forget, sleep does not come so easily. So we don't forget!

(I was impressed with Sabrina's vocabulary at age 2!)

Irishembi said...

She was on the far side of age 2 Boo, but yes she did have quite a vocabulary.