Friday, October 3, 2008

Wrong Species

As you have already seen, my softhearted (and softheaded) husband brought home a 3-4 week old kitten he found yesterday. The dust has settled and I am no longer trying to decide if I want to cuddle a kitten more than I want to wring Dave's neck.

The kitten won but only barely.

I am a new nursing mother again. I am well equipped to cope with this job having done it three times before. And pretty much like a human baby, Hermione is a moving, breathing, (loudly) mewing appetite. However I have found there are some crucial differences between species.

I find those films where they show a dog nursing a kitten, or a cat nursing a squirrel absolutely adorable. I'm all for inter-species fostering, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Kittens teeth are like little needles. Ain't coming anywhere near me with those things!

Furthermore, I will never ever complain about changing a diaper again. Did you know that you have to rub their little bums to make them go? I was growing concerned by Hermione's lack of, er, solid waste so I called the kitty pediatrician (A.K.A. our vet). I was told to vigorously stimulate her bottom with a warm wet towel.

Apparently cats lick their kitten's booty until it makes them do their thing.

I'm sorry but THERE I draw the line.


Boo said...

Awww go on MB, take one for the kitty team!

Don't forget he's just gone from mummy's milk to formula, Jaxon get's blocked up if we change his milk too. And cats are lactose intolerant so it needs to be special kitty milk.

Kim said...

I agree with Boo regarding the milk - the vet, or a local pet place (Pet Smart, etc.) should sell the product you need for the kitten.

He's very cute :)

minyetta2 said...

Since you're in the adoptin' kind of mood, I'm next right? I promise I don't require stimulation to poop...

Dani said...

What a cutie patootie! Love the name.

My BIL just dropped a itty bitty kitty off at my MILs a couple weeks ago. I know he goes in the little box now, I wonder if my MIL had to help him out when he first showed up? hmmmmmmmm