Monday, February 22, 2010


Three years ago on this day, I gave birth to my last baby. It was a wild ride. Her heart stopped beating, my blood pressure plummeted, and at one point it looked like an operation was inevitable. But as babies have their own ideas about how or when they will be born, she decided to just come on out in a bit of a hurry.

My baby girl turns three today. She's still such a baby to me. It's hard to remember, that at this age both her older brother and sister were already the "big" kids. In many ways she is a big kid. She is completely weaned, she walks, she talks, she has a mind of her own and is not afraid to express it (and does she ever!), she no longer wears diapers (that was one milestone I was not sad to see pass) and can even dress herself.

But today she cried and told me "I don't want to be three! I want to be a baby!"

Luckily, she will always get to be my baby.


tbsomeday said...

she's beatiful mb!
it's very bittersweet isn't it?
tayla told me the other day she doesn't want to be three--she wants to still be two
oh, if only...

happy belated birthday!
good to hear from you
i've missed you!
hope all is well

Keeling said...

She's so pretty! It's jack's birthday today too :)

Colleen said...

ahh she's so beatiful and seems so big...and believe me, you're right, she'll always be your baby. My grandma still calls me her baby :)