Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Threw My Bottle of Metamucil at Her

I realize at age 40, I am an older Mom. I accept that. I'm okay with it.

But when I am mistaken YET AGAIN for my daughter's Grandmother, well, a girl gets a little self-conscious.

I wasn't even terribly offended when the nice woman at the playground who obviously WAS there with her two granddaughters asked me if Meredith was my Granddaughter.

It was the way she emitted a surprised "OH!" when I said, "No she's my daughter."

Really? Is it REALLY that shocking?

Time to dye the no-longer-prematurely gray hair.


tbsomeday said...

lol--i've learned you can never guess what role anyone plays in another person's life, no matter how obvious it may seem
it's like asking when someone is due...you just don't do it even if their belly is huge while their body is tiny while wearing one of those t-shirts that say "baby on board" only ask if she tells you she is pregnant

ps--you don't look like any grandma!

Michelle said...

Somehow I missed this blog way back when, but wow how horrible. I guess I know what is to come with my kiddos because lord knows I am older LOL.

I am always amazed when people just make assumptions. I also learned a long time ago to not make any because you never know. Amber and Aaron have been mistaken as the babies parents - Breanna too, and I am sure the future will hold lots of "I thought she/he was your grandchild" - big sigh.

Btw - what is up with the suddenly turning 40 and stuff turning gray? For me it isn't my hair so much but my darn eyebrows!!

Irishembi said...

LOL Michelle! So far my eyebrows are the same colorless sparse things they've always been. But I admit I was a bit startled when I saw gray hair....er....let's just say....South of the Border!