Saturday, May 24, 2008

Even Superman Wore Training Pants

Jamie is so very eager to move on to a new stage in his life - wearing big boy underpants to bed. At the moment he's still relegated to Diego and Bob the Builder as featured on pull-up style training pants.

Other than the occasional Oopsie when he's outside playing and forgets to pay attention, and I miss the telltale pee wiggle and crotch-grab - he's a champ at using the toilet.

But come nighttime, the floodgates open and you'd swear that kid drank Niagara Falls with a Lake Erie chaser right before he fell asleep.

From everything I've read and heard it's completely normal for boys to take longer to be potty-aware at nighttime so this doesn't bother me a bit.

Jamie on the other hand finds this deeply troubling.

You see, they don't make pull-ups featuring Spider-Man or Superman. We'd even accept Handy Manny in a pinch (all of whom are featured on his underwear selection).

Every morning he wakes up and tells me his pull-up is dry, he can wear his underpants to bed now.

Except of course they're not.

Last night Dave and I were having a typical evening puttering around, watching a little TV, checking emails, when I heard a familiar sound coming from the monitor. It's not at all unusual for me to be summoned by a small crib-dweller around 10:30 pm so I prepared to go up and explain to her that yes, it was still bedtime.

But as the wails escalated we realized it was Jamie. Jamie's a pretty good sleeper and usually only wakes up if he's sick so both Dave and I ran upstairs to make sure he was okay. We found him standing up next to his bed crying and when I reached for him he felt wet from the neck down. "Jamie did you throw up?"

Then I felt a little further south and realized there was an absence of familiar padded undergarment in the lower region.

Without 3 inches of ultra mega absorbent mystery gel encased in cloth-like paper between the bed and his birthday suit, there was pee from his pillow on down to the stuffed animals at the foot of his bed.

After getting a bath and his bed changed and back into bed, he admitted he hadn't put a pull-up on before bed.

"Really Mama. Spider-Man doesn't wear pull-ups."

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Kady Mae Bella said...

Hey MB,
I wanted to tell you that I truly enjoy reading your blog. I check it nearly every day. You are better than The Office! Plus I don't have to fuss with commercials!