Sunday, May 4, 2008

Complete With Lights And Sirens

Jamie is OK. But yesterday he wasn't.

While at my Mom's he experienced his first real full-blown asthma attack. As in, couldn't breathe, couldn't talk, and wanted, desperately needed, ANYONE to help him breathe.

And I wasn't there.

I was at home switching between phoning my Mom monitoring his symptoms, calling the pediatrician's office to determine what course of action to follow, and trying to reach Dave on the phone to get there ASAP since he was already out with the van. This is pretty much Mom Hell. My baby was suffering, not breathing, possibly getting worse and not only was I not with him, I had no way to get to him.

We were directed to call an ambulance and take him straight to the hospital. At which point, if I didn't already have enough adrenaline coursing through my system, I got a shot of it powerful enough that I could have simply flapped my arms and flown there and gotten him to the hospital much quicker than an ambulance.

As I waited for my Mom to drive to my house so I could go to the hospital I suspect I looked like one of those cartoon characters that move so quickly they leave a blurry line in their wake. That hole in the carpet? That was where I paced at approximately 65 mph.

I finally reached the Emergency Room of Children's Hospital and explained to the receptionist who I was and who I was looking for.

Apparently my little Casanova had been busy ahead of me. Instead of directing me immediately to his room, the receptionist proceeded to gush about how adorable he was. How charming. How sweet he looks in those little glasses. And such a chatterbox.

Yes woman. I KNOW he's cute. NOW TELL ME WHERE HE IS DAMMIT!

I found him bouncing around on an examining bed, hopped up to the gills on Albuterol, telling everyone all about his ambulance ride and wrapping all of the nurses around his finger. "You know Mama I thought this ambulance ride was better because they didn't give me a shot this time!"

Anyone have any Clairol?

Because I just sprouted about 10,000 new gray hairs.


Kady Mae Bella said...

Kids never sease to amaze me. How resilient he is! I wonder how many grey hairs you'll sprout when he starts dating :)

Irishembi said...

Dating I (think) I can handle.

DRIVING is another story....