Monday, December 22, 2008

December 1969

It was a cold December night. She was 24 years old and this was her third baby in four years. Her three year old son and four year old daughter were at home with her mother. She wondered if it was for real this time.

She had been to the hospital a week ago with leaking waters and labor pains, but this little one had decided it wasn't quite time yet. It would be the first of the many ways this child would be contrary.

Could she really do this? Did she have a choice? She remembered the first time she went into labor and she announced to everyone around that she had changed her mind and didn't want to have a baby anymore. They had all laughed about it later, but it seemed a pretty reasonable thought now.

Many people had urged her not to have this child.

Her first two labors had been almost more than she could withstand, each lasting well into two full days. No one would know whether her son and daughter were handicapped as a result of the difficult labors, or if it was something else. Something that would also happen to this child.

Her history of labor said it would be quite some time before the baby arrived and her husband wasn't doing anyone any good sitting around the waiting room smoking cigarettes. Might as well head off to work.

Instead the child, a baby girl, would arrive that afternoon before anyone, including the doctor, was ready. When the doctor came blustering in long after the little girl had been taken to the nursery and she had been cleaned up he asked cheerfully "Well, how did we do?"

She wondered where he got the "we" from.

Thirty-nine years later that little girl has her own three children, coincidentally a girl, followed by a boy, followed by another girl.

Happy labor day Mom.


katherineolivia said...

Awwww how sweet!!!

Norkio said...

Happy birthday, Mary Beth!! I love your story. :-)

Dani said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom.

Happy Birthday! It makes me giggle to think how back in those days you could sit in a hospital waiting room and smoke. Oh how times have changed.

2jne said...

Oh that was really sweet and such a cute idea for you mom!!

Happy Birthday!

Jen said...

Ya know this is the last year we can put a "3" in front! Can't wait to read next years, lololol. Happy Birthday! They are definitely more exciting now, aren't they. Jen

A J said...

How well I remember that year :)
Your mom delivered you 8 months after I delivered Jen...I rmember you came very close to being Holly but Mary Beth won out! I Love You SS!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Irish! :) Oh, and yes, you've very very right! Most of the "developments" have happened in a northern region. It's ridiculous. My cup hath overflown twice. Ga! I shouldn't be surprised, I'm track with Oceana's pregnancy just the same (you know, minus 30lbs or so...)