Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sixty-Seven Years Of Perfecting His Art

Today is my Dad's 67th birthday. That's hard to wrap my head around, mostly because it means I will turn 39 shortly. I calculate my parents' ages based on my age (and vice versa on the occasion that my feeble mind forgets my own age). I know that my Dad was 28 when I was born, so add 28 years to my age and Voila! I can pretend I knew all along how old he was going to be!

So I took two-thirds of my children to visit and wish him a Happy Birthday today. Sabrina has caught on to the fact this school thing is a bum rap and as she suspected we really do have fun while she's gone. And because I think it is a parent's right and privilege to torment their children, I might tell her there was cake and ice cream and balloons.

Or better yet, Hannah Montana made a surprise appearance.

The fact that my Dad once told Sabrina he was good friends with Billy Ray Cyrus might just lend a little credibility to this.

So now you know where I learned the fine art of teasing my children.

Happy Birthday to the Master.


Dani said...

Happy birthday to your dad.

My dad turned 30 two days after I was born, so that's how I keep track of his age by my age too. It's nice and easy . . . it was kind of daunting tho last year when I turned FORTY and he turned SEVENTY.

Zac's already worried that we'll take the kids to Disney World while he's in college and he'll "miss out" -- of course, we've already taken him twice. So I'm sure he would sympathize with Sabrina.

katiebear said...

We need a pic of this daddy!!!

My mom turned 39 the day after I was born. My dad was 33. =)

Did you end up getting him cupcakes? I hope he liked it. Poor Sabrina. She misses out on all the celebs ;)

A J said...

Like you, I remember your dads age by my own but unfortunately i have to subtract 5 from mine! He was born Dec 4 and the following Jan 1 i turned 5...gee, that doesn't sound as bad as saying 72 minus 5 makes him 67 :) I remember your birth well...the name Holly was tossed around alot...but MB suits you great...
Love ya always... A J

Norkio said...

Is that my little MB in the picture with Super Dad? Aw, how sweet!!

Irishembi said...

That's the man, the myth, the legend and the small version of me.