Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In The Name Of The Father, And The Son, And The Holy Spirit, Amen

Was I the only one annoyed by the incessant standing ovations at President Obama's address to Congress?

I mean seriously. These people were up and down more often than a bunch of Catholics at Mass. Any minute I was expecting Nancy Pelosi to kneel down and worship.

That or pull out her pom poms.

Don't mind me. I get crabby when they pre-empt The Mentalist.


Colleen said...

totally agree! Rob commented that Poor Old Joe Biden's knees were probably aching up, down, up, down. Once again, there was a lot of rhetoric, but I'm not hearing about much action!

On a side note, why did the First Lady get a standing ovation?

Mary K Brennan said...

So true. I think his speach was just under 12 minutes had it not been for all the musical chairs.

Norkio said...

I heard Rush Limbaugh got 18 standing O's. How many did Obama get?

On a side, Catholic note...John and I attended a Catholic wedding mass for my best friend. He joked that during our wedding only the Catholics would be required to kneel & stand, all other denominations would be encouraged to relax and stay seated. LOL

L said...

um. i am missing you. it has been nearly a week since your last post. only i am allowed to do that. you are too witty and brilliant and funny and all other adjectives that are positive in nature. what about my needs?

thus, please write soon.

with love from pittsburgh...

Irishembi said...

I have posted just for you L! But you might be sorry you asked. :-)

Martha, we Catholics feel all Protestants should sit and relax because it makes it easier for the lightning bolt to find you heathen sinners. ;-)