Monday, March 1, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream (No Not That One)

Sometimes I think dreams have meaning. Sometimes I think it is our unconscious mind allowing us to work out things while we sleep. Sometimes I think we see things we need to see in our dreams. And sometimes I think they are just our brain's way of entertaining itself while we are busy sleeping.

Last night I dreamed I was learning to drive a big rig in Alaska. Just like they do on Ice Road Truckers. I have never had any particular desire to drive a large truck, but last night I was pretty darn good at it.

And guess who was riding shotgun with me and giving me training as I learned to navigate the roads pulling a heavy haul? The late Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch fame was showing me how to park the enormous truck as we pulled into the parking lot of a Nevada brothel. It just happened to be The Bunny Ranch as featured in HBO's series Cathouse.

Seems he and some of his buddies wanted to get a little action in before we got some rest for the night. So I parked the truck and patiently waited for Phil and his crew, do their thing.

After he was done I joined the girls so I could borrow a shower and catch some shut-eye.

But I spent most of the time trying to shave my legs with a VERY dull disposable razor. And not one of those hookers would loan me a razor.

I conclude three things from this dream.

One, I should not have had pizza for a late dinner.

Two, Maybe, just maybe I watch too much Reality TV.

And finally, Three, I really need to shave my legs.


tbsomeday said...

i think your dreams mean you need to blog more :)
good to find a post from you!

katiebear said...

Yay mb blogged!!!!!

This is hysterical. I am with you on the shaving...

O said...

Oh, hilarious, MB! Yes, I would agree that maybe you could skip one reality show some evening and use the time to shave your legs instead - ha ha!

Personally, I dreamed I had triplets last week and that is still haunting me. (In my dream I knew I was having one baby, but the other two were a complete surprise. All I kept thinking was that I needed to call Lisa and ask her how I was going to cope!)

Judi said...

How's it going on your end of town???
Missing you in Blogland!!!
Come back!