Friday, March 26, 2010


Most of the time I hear from people, "Wow she looks just like you!"

And my girls do look like me. It make sense since they are, in fact, girls, and I happen to be one myself. My husband has often bemoaned the fact that he apparently got very little genetic input when our kids were conceived.

But I have personally always thought that Jamie looks more like me than my girls do. Other than the pink dress, the Kindergarten photos look remarkably similar.

Happy Birthday Little Man. I am grateful every day that you tell me you will ALWAYS be my little boy.


tbsomeday said...

oh my goodness!
your kids totally look like you :)

mine...sometimes--dessa looks a lot like casey as she gets older (though their baby pic was identical)
i heard/read somewhere that children look more like their dads as genetic preservation so the dad's will know they are really their kids and will take care of them/not kill them :)

Irishembi said...

I read that once too Tab! I tell ya, if my kids depended on looking like their Dad for genetic preservation they would have been goners!

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