Thursday, February 28, 2008

Potty Mouth

One of the side effects of Jamie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Collection is that it teaches Meredith new and interesting words. While she hasn't mastered "Cowabunga Dude!" just yet, she has picked up another word that the 12 inch high rendering of the reptilian Michaelangelo utters.

Yes, my baby girl's first word was "Burp."

It's a fun word, I'll admit it. And the 30 second rift that he emits is comical if you've got a juvenile sense of humor (which I do). And she not only knows the word, she knows where she learned it. She often picks up the Michaelangelo figure, points at it, smiles, and clearly states "Burp!"

I'm not a snob. I can handle the fact that her first word describes a bodily function whereby we release gas in a noisy and sometimes embarrassing manner. Her second word however has me worried about the trend.

Granted we all do it, and she in particular spends a lot of time doing it and having it attended to. But I really was hoping her next word would head in a different direction. But a few weeks ago, with perfectly clear diction, she uttered "Poop." Of course this brings positive reinforcement from her older brother and sister when she realizes she can cause them to dissolve to the floor in hysterical shrieks of laughter. Can't argue with those delightful results.

And yesterday she added the word "Spit" to her repertoire.

What a delicate flower I am raising.

I suppose I shouldn't complain. I still have a crystal clear memory of the day I heard Sabrina utter from the back seat "CHIT!!!!"

And I'm pretty sure she didn't learn that from a turtle.

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Boo said...

I often hear jaxon muttering "fa, fa, fa" to himself. You know what? If Jaxon's first or next words were burp, or poop or spit...I'd be a happy Mummy. But this "fa, fa, fa" just doesn't sound like it's heading that way!