Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Thing - Because I Won't Fit In A Lunch Box

Heretofore Meredith has consistently snubbed any food that involves vegetable matter. Unless it is loosely grain based she will not eat it.

Who am I kidding? The kid eats Goldfish and Cheerios.

Oh and she's mildly interested in nursing still. And by mildly I mean 10-12 times a day (and night).

But THIS! THIS is an ACTUAL PIECE OF FRUIT! A strawberry to be precise. And it's not even those little freeze-dried abnormally square pieces of strawberry that we can sometimes convince her are crackers

Since she has been introduced to foods in general she has given fruit the regard one would give to something that contains a particularly nasty sort of poison. Or possibly something one might scrape off the bottom of one's shoe.

And she still won't let me actually see her take a bite of the fruit.

But the tooth doesn't lie.

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