Sunday, March 30, 2008

He Hasn't Amputated Anything Yet

Conversation overheard today in my kitchen.

Sabrina: I have a hangnail. Did you know hangnails feel better when you wrap them really tight with a Band-Aid?

Jamie: You mean like those brown Band-Aids that Daddy uses?

Sabrina: Which ones?

Jamie: You know. The stretchy kind he gets at the doctor's when he cuts his hand and has to go to the hospital.

Sabrina: Do you mean on the glass or the grinder?


Norkio said...

Ah, the distinction between glass or grinder injuries. I suppose one calls for a larger bandaid than the other? LOL!

Irishembi said...

LOL! I just thought it was funny they had so many options to choose from. He's cut his hand open three times in the past 3 years. Not to mention two hand surgeries related to the "glass" injury. And Sabrina's too young to remember the time we had to haul her to the E.R. with us because he sliced his finger open on the cat food can and needed 8 stitches. My kids are well versed on different types bandages around here.

Boo said...

What's a hangnail??