Friday, April 4, 2008

Cold Case - Solved

Like most people I keep a cleaning brush for my toilet bowl in my bathroom. And like most people I like to keep it discreetly tucked away.

Because no matter how nice and clean and white that brush looks EVERYONE knows where it's been and what it's been doing and well, just, eeeeeeew.

I have mine in a small container that's meant to be, if not decorative, then at least subtle. It's shaped like a tall blue vase and the brush handle goes through a blue disc that serves as a lid to this "vase." Thereby tucking the brush out of sight and also closing off the top so the only evidence of the actual purpose of this item is an unobtrusive silver handle.

A few months back I took the brush out to use it and when I went to replace it in its holder I noticed a noxious liquid in it. At the time I just sort of scratched my head (strictly figuratively; I made sure to wash my hands before touching myself anywhere after that task), dumped the liquid in the toilet and rinsed out the container.

But in light of recent events, and bathtub confessions, light has dawned upon the darkened mind.

I believe we have not only discovered the origins of the liquid, but also the small male perpetrator.


Boo said...

My dot is not showing here either...and it's making me MAD!

I wouldn't call this a cold case, more of a cold

Irishembi said...

In light of what you told me the alternate Aussie meaning of DOT is, I'm LMAO at that comment.

Ashley Hester said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwJamie!! :)