Friday, April 4, 2008

Makes Me Long To Be Single Again

Conversation overheard at the mall yesterday:

Girl 1: "He did call! He calls me all the time!

Girl 2: "Really? Like the same day?"

Girl 1: "But I never answer. I always let it go to voice mail so I have his voice recorded on my phone."

[Brief pause so I may turn my head and retch]

Girl 2: "Awwww that's so SWEET! What does he say?"

Girl 1: "Oh he just leaves normal messages. How cool is that?"

Girl 2: "That is so cool."

Girl 1: "Yeah and he's not even drunk when he does it!"


Kady Mae Bella said...


Is this what we are REALLY missing?! I mean, us 'taken' ladies could be recieving phone calls by guys?!?! No way, and they won't even be drunk.

We are really missing out.

Norkio said...

I confess I used to call the pager of this guy I liked just so I could hear his voice on the recording. I'd leave stupid messages like "the word of the day is 'eskimo'" but not my name. Thanks to caller ID I'm positive that's why he never called me, LOL!