Monday, March 24, 2008

Snips And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails (And Other Things That Come From Puppy Dogs)

Yesterday as we were getting all the kids ready for bed with baths and showers (bath for Jamie and Meredith, shower for Sabrina), Dave was puttering around picking up wet towels, dirty underwear and the other various items of dirty laundry that seem to just sprout on our floor like mushrooms. One minute the floor is clear and the next thing you know there's a full load of laundry scattered around.

He pulled the garbage from the garbage can in the bathroom and exclaimed "Why is there pee in the garbage can?"

Usually these questions come from the under 5 set so I was a little taken aback but I was game to humor him. Are you sure it's pee honey? Sometimes the kids toss their Dixie cups in with a little water in it.

"Yes it's pee! I know what pee looks like and I especially know what pee SMELLS like!"

We do toss the odd disposable diaper here and there into that garbage can. Meredith wears mostly cloth, but Jamie still needs one at night and we use Huggies for that purpose. Some weird chemical reaction between the pee in the diaper and something that was tossed on top must have allowed a little of the pee to somehow be released and drip into the bottom of the garbage can.

As I'm composing a righteously indignant letter of complaint to the manufacturers of Huggies in my head, and vowing once again to try and get Jamie to sleep without a diaper, Dave shoves the offending can under my nose.

That's no dribble of pee. There's about 2 cups in there.

Just considering anatomy alone, Jamie is the obvious culprit. So I yell into the tub where he is suspiciously quiet.

"Jamie did you pee in the garbage can?"


"Maybe just once did you pee in the garbage can?"


"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure Mama. It was more than ONCE."

Nobody can utilize semantics for a logical defense argument like a three year old.

Do all little boys do weird and disgusting things or am I just exceptionally blessed?


Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

The joys of boys. I had the hardest time breaking Zac of the habit of walking up to the closest tree and peeing outside (even in the yard). Of course when he was being potty-trained was in the middle of Chuck's baseball season and it was easy enough to have him do that and cleaner than the port-a-pottys.

Of course the best toilet moment with Zac was when he pulled down his pants and peed in a floor model toilet at a home improvement store, he only dribbled a bit before both Chuck and I stopped him, but I think I almost wet my pants laughing.

Ashley Hester said...


princessthundercloud said...

Thankfully Baboo hasn't done that but my brother did. He actually peed into the floor register. My mother couldn't figure out the smell and went downstaris and saw a puddle on top of whatever she was storing down there. Yuck!