Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have not had an uninterrupted night's sleep in close to eight years and suspect I won't get one any time soon. I'm less stressed about it now.

I guess anything gets easier with practice.

But it's okay. I'm biding my time. Because I know someday they will be teenagers. Teenagers who like to sleep in in the mornings.

Revenge will be sweet.


Kady Mae Bella said...

MB, your blog makes me smile.


katiebear said...

hahaha! isn't mothers revenge the best? =P

BrensMama said...

I love your posts :)

Norkio said...

But, Mary Beth, you are a SAHM who doesn't have to work and does nothing but take care of the kids all day. Why in the world are you not napping in between Oprah and Ellen?????

Irishembi said...

It's simple Martha, I'm too busy eating bon-bons to nap. Besides I wouldn't want to miss an episode of Jerry Springer.

Life's a journey.. not a destination said...

Yes, I think at the precise moment our children enter their teenage years we probably won't be able to sleep past dawn! Well, that still gives us plenty of time in the morning to have a quiet cup of coffee, because revenge is much sweeter after caffeine :)