Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sleep Saga - Part Three

The benefit of having two children that don't sleep is that you have exceptionally low expectations for the third.

This time I didn't bother with logs and charts, couldn't find the timers and sold the "How To" books. Frankly after 6 years of no sleep I was tired. Whatever made this kid happy at night I was game for.

I knew she was my last baby so if she wanted to co-sleep until she was 12 I really didn't care. I just wanted some sleep.

While I still can't say I've gotten one of those babies that comes home from the hospital sleeping through the night, or learns to do it at the three month mark (Remember, we don't do normal around here), she has been in most ways a very easy baby.

She nursed herself to sleep for nap and night time. I have always been able to gently transfer her to her crib. And when she wakes during the night, I just bring her to bed with me. This way I can deal with her from a horizontal position and everyone sleeps better. I know this flies in the face of all conventional sleep advice. Trust me I can recite the advice verbatim.

"Always put your baby to bed when they are sleepy but still awake. This way when they waken through the night they will know how to put themselves back to sleep."

"Never bring your baby to bed with you. This will create a habit that is very hard to break."

Go tell that crap to the Moms with normal babies. I happen to know bullshit when I smell it. As for the rules for getting your baby to sleep?

Whatever works.

There it is. The grand secret is out. After 7 years of intensive research you can throw all your books away and learn how to do it for free.

Just recently she has stopped falling asleep in my arms. I was a bit nervous about this and at first would lie down with her and wait for her to fall asleep before tiptoeing out of the room. While she seemed to appreciate this, it didn't seem to particularly impress her.

So three nights ago, I tried a little experiment. I kissed her good-night, placed her in her crib and said, "Night-night! Time to go to sleep. Mama will be back later."

No protest. No tears. No books. No timers.

Sabrina did teach me something besides how to function on 30 minutes of sleep per day.

Sometimes they just need the instructions.

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The Burkes said...

We broke both those rules becuase well it also worked for us breaking those rules! My only complaint is with #2 coming we need a larger bed.