Friday, June 27, 2008

Romance Is Not Dead In Our House (But It's Seriously Injured)

Upon catching me browsing the Tiffany & Co. website, Sabrina says, "Are you having an Anniversary or something?"

Why yes in fact we are. It will be Mommy and Daddy's Ten Year Anniversary this July.

"Yeah but that means Daddy should buy you that jewelry."

Yes but if we wait for that Mommy won't get any jewelry.


Kady Mae Bella said...

LOL, that is the truth! Who cares who picks it out as long as DADDY pays for it :)

Still waiting for the bookshelf pictures...

**wink wink**

Irishembi said...

bookshelf photos are on babyfit! :-)

Boo said...

Boo says: HA HA HA so true!

Tim says: That's not very nice!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

LOL, I understand but can't really relate since I'm not a fan of jewelry, the only thing I wear is a necklace with hockey sticks and Zac's number. I don't even wear my rings, although Chuck wears his.

katherineolivia said...

You said it...what counts is that Daddy pays for it. I think I have picked out every piece of jewelry I own right down to my engagement ring and wedding band and Im happy with that!!!!