Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Can Always Use An Extra Hand

In my experience, babies want to be held. Toddlers also want to be held. And big kids like to hold your hand. Well, okay, maybe they don't like it - but generally they still need it.

I have three children and two hands. This creates a fundamental deficit of hands.

When Meredith was born something had to be done about this and I re-discovered the world of Babywearing, whereby you can carry your baby with the help of a sling, wrap or an Asian style baby carrier.

I say RE-discover as I had tried a sling when Sabrina was born and we both hated it. Little did I know that A) there were better slings out there than the kind Wal-Mart sells and B) I'm not a sling girl. I liked the comfy coziness of a wrap carrier with a newborn, and now that Meredith is older, the supportiveness and comfort of a Mei Tai.

But to arrive at those conclusions I had to go through a lot of different carriers and persevere. I had no choice. I was out of hands.

If you would like to enter a contest at (and I receive absolutely no gain from this contest other than an entry for myself) to win the ultimate "stash" of baby carriers, click below to find out more.

But in the meantime if you figure out how to grow some extra hands, let me know.

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