Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Let The Cute Fool You

What you're not seeing in this video is when she decides to climb the water jug. The very smooth sided water jug that has a surface incompatible with sharp gripping claws. What results is an unintentional swim.

Followed immediately by the next logical step of rolling in her litter box. I'll leave the picture of clumping litter coated wet cat up to your imagination. Lets' just say she did not appreciate the ensuing bath that followed.

I've always liked cats. I still like cats. I've always maintained that cats hold a superior intelligence to dogs and most other domesticated pets. And some humans.

And then I acquire the exception to that belief.

As Dave pointed out, he "got the kitten too stupid to stay in the nest when Mama was out hunting food."

And like all kittens she's very playful and energetic.

And by "playful and energetic" I mean she attacks everyone's feet and hands by launching herself across the room like a flying puffball with cleverly concealed razor blades with which to slash any exposed skin.

And the poor dog just looks at me with a look that clearly says "It was bad enough when you started bringing all those squalling humans home. I'm way too old for this shit."

And yet, in spite of all that, I'm still charmed on the rare occasion she curls up on me with her little motor running and falls asleep.

Maybe she's not so dumb after all.


katiebear said...

i'm so glad you are going to try and keep her. she's so cute. i can't wait to see her tuesday!!!!! she can claw me all she wants =)

Colleen said...

I had "Clover" aka "Mean Kitty" for 20 years. She clawed and bit me every day after school but I convinced myself that she was playing with me...and they do have that ability to be sweet and cuddly just when you've had enough!

Boo said...

I swear these cats came from the same litter!

Dude used to just sit on the couch and look content until you walked by and he'd just casually reached out and swipe you! The thing was he rarely did anything to Jaxon, but Tim and I copped a belting from him every day.

I must warn you, that he still sits at my feet and if my feet should happen to move in a way that he doesn't appreciate he lets me know. By grabbing on like his life depends on it, and biting.