Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She Has Subtracted Ten Years Off My Life

Meredith was not napping.

As in screaming her displeasure with the very concept of napping. I let her think about it, and see the error of her ways for about 30 minutes at which time I checked on her and changed her diaper. It's a ploy she utilizes to get out of napping. She waits until she's in her crib before dropping a load. She knows I was traumatized by Jamie the Poop Painter and I will NOT ignore a poopy diaper.

What she didn't count on was me putting her BACK to bed after the diaper change. This infuriated her to the point of purple faced silent screaming. Followed closely by a return to the normal volume indignant wails. I patiently explained that everything would be just fine. It was naptime and if she just closed her eyes and rested I'd be right back when she woke up.

Toddlers aren't strong on logic.

I heard her fiddling with the door next to her crib and heard the door slam followed by a loud wail. I was afraid she had slammed her fingers in the door and ran upstairs just in time to see her through the door draped head first over the side of the crib trying to reach the doorknob.

Slower than slow motion but not slow enough for me to do anything about it, she fell head first to the floor.

To compound this she landed in front of a door that opens inward. I couldn't get in because she was lying in front of the door. I had to push her out of the way with the door to get at her.

She has a bruise and a lump on her head and is happily playing with and sucking on the ice packs I tried to apply to her head.

I am still shaking.

I need a drink.


Boo said...

You know it was just last week that you and I had the "ready for a big bed" conversation. Do you think now that you know she can climb out of her "crib" you might be thinking big bed time???

Poor Meredith. Poor Mummy!!

Irishembi said...

GROAN! God help me the thought of her out of her crib makes me want to WEEP!

Colleen said...

Yikes! She's like her cousin, Bobby who also likes to suck on the ice packs and is one large walking black and blue mark :) I'm glad she's ok, and i hope you got the drink you needed, no deserved. I'd have been a wreck!!!

Norkio said...

You know, Melody got herself out of her crib once. It scared her so bad she hasn't really tried again. Do you think Meredith will learn from this experience?

Irishembi said...

Meredith tends to be more the type to keep trying until she gets it right. I'm thinking about roofing her crib.

Norkio said...

Ah, so Melody learned not to try to get out of her crib again and Meredith learned that she needs to throw the quilt onto her landing spot to soften the fall.