Friday, November 7, 2008

Saint Anthony's Tired - Find Your Own Crap

Last week some online friends and I were discussing how men (and children) are hopeless at searching for things. Their idea of searching for a lost item is to sit on the couch and say "Hon/Mom! Have you seen my ______?"

One of the women told a funny story about how her Mom always prayed to St. Anthony when she couldn't find something. One day her nephew was looking for a lost item and her sister advised him to pray to St. Anthony. He replied "St. Anthony is too busy looking for things at Grandma's house!"

St. Anthony spends a fair amount of time at my Mom's house. And I'm sure he's relieved my Grandma has passed because he was really never allowed to leave her house.

But my gripe about my "big kid" is that he will look for things. By literally tearing the entire house apart. He will pull things apart willy-nilly leaving destruction in his wake. He will empty drawers onto the floor. He will pull books out of shelves. He will take every paper in my filing system (that is carefully disguised as a pile of junk) and mix them up beyond retrieval.

And whatever he's looking for (9 times out of 10 it's the remote) usually turns up in a very obvious location like smack in the middle of the dining room table.

Right where he left it, because God and St. Anthony know nobody else is allowed to touch it.


Dani said...

Zac is soooooooo awful at this, he'll ask where something is, and I swear if it is one inch removed from where I said, he can't find it.

dynamitt said...

hehe what is it with men and remote controls?

Irishembi said...

I'm CERTAIN it's something on the Y chromosome.......

Colleen said...

St. Anthony is a stable force in our home too... we are forever losing the "mote" Bobby's term for the remote and his favorite block that he pretends is a phone, in spite of the fact that he has 3 pretend phones as well as the real one... We keep St. Anthony busy!

Boo said...

I really have been missing, I don't think I was in on that email!

A gay friend of Tim's used to refer to it as "having a boy look" and I swear it's true! The other day Tim did look for something for at least 10 minutes and couldn't find it, he'd walked right by it at least 5 times.

Oh and MB... I hate having to do those word verifications!!! 2 + 2 is EASY!