Monday, January 26, 2009

Next Time I'll Just Flush Her Clean

When you've already given the cat a bath by 8:30 a.m. it doesn't bode well for the day.

Especially when said bath is occurring at the same time you are trying to get your 7 year old, who likes to miss the bus, on the school bus.

Most especially when aforementioned bath is absolutely necessary because the brainless cat has fallen in the toilet full of pee and poop because no matter how you beg and plead, your housebroken children cannot seem to remember to flush.

As a side note, cats don't like baths.

I look like an attempted suicide with Parkinson's.


Hot Belly Mama said...

Or maybe an attempted suicide while having a seizure? Sorry, I had to laugh at your expense.

Kelly said...

Aw, sorry your morning got off to a rough start. I do appreciate you sharing the story though because I needed a good laugh...not that I am laughing at you. Just the thought of flushing the kitty clean and the description of "an attempted suicide with Parkinson's.

Norkio said...

I wonder if her fur would conform to the swirly pattern?