Friday, January 30, 2009

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dearest Mother Nature (Can I call you Mom?),

I realize this is the time of year when you have the most fun. It must be amusing to watch us mere mortals desperately attempt to predict your next move, and then completely change your course of action.

Today was an excellent case in point. We had a Very Important Doctor's Appointment today. You see, the boy has asthma and allergies. He has a wonderful doctor who attends to these things. But because he is such a wonderful doctor and pretty much the head of everything that has anything to do with asthma and allergies in Pittsburgh, and has degrees in such things coming out the wazoo (that is medical terminology coming straight from Harvard School of Medicine, I swear. I looked it up), it takes approximately three years to get an appointment to see the man. Really. We put Jamie on the waiting list before he was born. Just in case.

The weatherman, who obviously hasn't been calling you often enough like a good son should, assured me that you would be sending us less than an inch of snow today. Just in case your ruler was broken, here is a handy visual for you of what less than 1 inch of snow DOESN'T look like:That, by the way, is my van sitting exactly where I had to leave it in NOT less than 1 inch of snow after we attempted to visit the Very Important Doctor who was completely understanding of my need to cancel today's appointment and was kind enough to reschedule me for next year.

May I also point out that toddlers, after being cooped up in the house for over a week, are NOT amused by aborted missions out of the house. Again, I provide you with a helpful visual.
That amount of snot indicates a serious level of displeasure. Being a Mom and all, I'm sure you can understand that an irritable disposition in a toddler can make for a less than enjoyable day for anyone within a 5 mile radius.

By the way, I completely realize you are not responsible for this development, but just wanted to let you know that my television stopped working this morning, so your timing really sucks.



katherineolivia said...

Hmmm, thanks for that post! That may have just cancelled my trip up this week. 2 hours of the trip is in the mountains and I can not put Kaite's safety in jeopardy like that. Thanks mother nature!

*emily* said...

Dear Mother Nature,
Please feel free to keep your monthly gift to me this time around.
Thank you,

L said...

Oh, my word. If you had any idea how badly I needed that laugh you just provided me with... Thank you. Your blog turns my frown upside down. Fo' sho'.

with love from Pittsburgh...

Michelle Lynn said...

You know you secretly loved every moment of today as you were dreaming up this blog entry ;-) Love you and your writing (as always)!

Jackie said...

Oh, honey I can relate! Mother Nature is taking her toll on us too. Thanks for the laugh - I can just imagine the reaction to your aborted mission...glad it wasn't me! And so glad you all made it home safely.

Irishembi said...

Renee I hope you can make it before the end of February.

Em I suspect she will heed your request about as well as she heeds mine.

L Thank you - it's always nice to get a comment from you!

Michelle you know me so well.

Jackie misery loves company, but I'm ready for the misery to be over. Spring IS coming right? Right?

Hot Belly Mama said...

thank you for writing to her! I want to see birds and bees and more sunshine! Dear mother nature, please bless us with grass that cuts itself this year.

Irishembi said...

HB Mama - Might have to settle on getting a goat for that one! Sounds like a great idea anyway - if you get a female you get cut grass AND fresh goat's milk!